Electrically pumped laser

Hello all,
So far I have used FDTD solution from Lumerical. I would like to simulate and observe performance characteristics of electrically pumped quantum well lasers. Can this be done is Lumerical? I am assuming I will have to use FDTD coupled to DEVICE for this purpose.

I have gone through the examples in the photodetector section of the application section. These devices are simulated using FDTD first and then DEVICE. The process of electrical pumping should be just the inverse in my view.

Any suggestion or guidance will be much appreciated in this regard.

Hi @kanak,

DEVICE CT solves the drift-diffusion and Poisson equations in semi conductors to get the electrostatic potential and the charge distribution and transport. It is a semi-classical solver so, unfortunately, it cannot model quantum wells, as it would require a quantum mechanic solver.

for basic p-i-n LED, the solver should work? I mean not a quantum structure to begin with.

You can model a PIN diode with DEVICE CT (see the GaAs PIN diode example), but you cannot model the light generation with DEVICE.

I guess you could simulate the PIN diode with DEVICE and use the charge distribution as an index perturbation in the optical simulation, in a similar way as in the E/O modulator. That said, I’m not too sure if it would be correct and/or relevant.

Thanks. I will try to look into it.