Electrical simulation of thin film plasmon solar cells


I follow the steps in your example https://kb.lumerical.com/en/solar_cells_simple_silicon_planar.html
“planar si solar cell”
now in my study I am using plasmon thin film solar cells
FDTD : the design is gold nano particles atop silicon
I got G : optical generations
then : I will go to device
and here is my question
would I simulate “in Device” the solar cell with top nano particles ?
or just simulate plain thin film with importing G optical generation


You should simulate plain thin film by importing the G optical generation only.


Thank you for your reply
I have extra questions
For FDTD solutions
what are the units of Jsc is it A/cm^2
Can I access Pabs using script to further calculations like Internal and external quantum efficiency
thanks again


In 3D simulation the unit for Jsc is A/m2 and 2D A/m.
Yes, Pabs results can be accessed by script for further post-processing.

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