Electrical simulation of plasmonic based structures


I want to calculate electrical parameters of a solar cell based on plasmonic nano-particles. This structure contains the number of nano-particles inside an active layer. As I know, we have to apply voltage to all metallic contacts in DEVICE. What about this case? A zero voltage is applied to all nano-particles?



Hi. What you say is correct. All metallic regions in DEVICE (CHARGE) need to have a voltage applied to them. However, before I can suggest anything, can you share figure (or article) showing the schematic of your structure?


Hi. I’ve attached the figure of my simulation with four AuNPs embedded in an active layer.


Hi. Thanks for sharing the schematic. Looking at the structure, I am not sure if there is any way to simulate electrical transport in this active layer of this device using the CHARGE solver. The only solution that I can think of is to neglect the effect of the nanoparticles in the electrical simulation and just remove them from the simulation volume.


Thank you so much.