Electrical simulation in INTERCONNECT?


For reasons, I want to build electrically-coupled PIN structures in INTERCONNECT. These two PIN structures will be hooked in series and in reverse bias, but I’ve heard of some issues regarding a “deadlock condition”. Basically, the optical modulator requires two signals to produce a single output (i.e. a feedback) but INTERCONNECT cannot handle this due to its lacking in electrical simulation.

Any experience or advice about this topic or INTERCONNECT’s ability to handle electrical effects/simulations in an optical circuit would be appreciated. Thanks~

Hi @jooj2,

Thanks for posting your question. I’m not completely sure to understand what you are trying to implement, but, in any case, INTERCONNECT is primarily a photonic circuit simulator. In that sense, it has limited capabilities in terms of electrical simulation. It includes a basic electrical linear solver for RLC circuits (you can see an example here).
These are typically used to represent the electric behavior of opto-electronic components.that will limit the bandwidth of the components.

I hope this will help!