Electric model of n/i/p a-Si:H

I need the electric model of n/i/p a-Si:H to input in Lumerical Device

Hi @ahisham. The reason we do not have a model for a-Si in our default material database is because the electrical properties of a-Si is much different from its crystalline counterpart. Modeling a-Si properly requires modeling of the dangling bonds in the bandgap and the exponentially decaying band tails which is not supported in DEVICE. If you still would like to model a-Si in DEVICE then my recommendation will be look for relevant publications where people have used similar models for a-Si and get the material properties from there. I unfortunately do not have any experience in electrical modeling of a-Si so I am unable to recommend any article myself. However I am sure that you will find some relevant articles using search engines like google scholar.

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Hello !Did you solve this problem? I also need to establish this model.Could you share some experience?