Electric field dataset size error, parameter sweep

I am currently simulating some dielectric pillars and would like to calculate the phase shift with pillar dimension. I am performing a sweep over the x and y diameters of the pillars and recording the E field for each iteration. This works fine for a single sweep (e.g. over the x diameter) but not in a nested sweep. I have selected the ‘E’ parameter in the outer sweep. When I run the nested sweep it says the ‘E’ cannot be saved due to data size mismatch.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @md14196,

Does the dataset size of ‘E’ changed during the nested sweep? It sounds like somehow the size of ‘E’ has changed during the sweep. Even though the result cannot be read back to the sweep, it is very possible that in the sweep folder, each individual result has been saved. You could check each of the sweep file to see whether the size of the result is changing for different parameters. If not, please attach your file so that I can have a look :slight_smile:

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