Electric Field and index plot outside Lumerical showing error

I am trying to simulate the field of an electric dipole inside a pillar sitting a subtrate. As i changed the mesh setting, inside lumerical i can see the Ez vs Ex (magnitude) as i would expect. When i import the data and plot outside using Matlab or Python, my pillar size seems to have increased along with E fields skewed as shown in the attached pdf. In the simulation, my pillar size is set to radius - 100nm and height of 2 um. Mesh Test.pdf (338.3 KB)

Please suggest what i should do to get the data and plot the E fields accurately outside of Lumerical. Pls see attached lsp file used to transfer the data from simulation. DataSave_KS.lsf (1.9 KB)

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Hi @pcappell,

The easiest way to confirm the pillar size is to compare your E-field profile result via Phyton with your simulation results from 2D(3D) monitor via Visualizer window in FDTD solutions. I’m guessing you’re trying to extract E-field intensity (Ex, Ey, Ez) from 3D monitor based on your script file. As you want to confirm the E-field profile in specific plane, it would be much easier to extract the data from 2D monitors rather than 3D ones. If you installed MATLAB in your machine, you can also extract the E-field profile data using a “pcolor” command in MATLAB (in general, you also have to use transpose and squeeze commands as you employed them in Phython script). So, you can compare Python result with MATLAB one. I hope it would be helpful for you. If you have any questions regarding, please let me know.