effective mode volume in MODE solutions


I’m trying to get the effective mode volume in an EME simulation in mode.
i can’t seem to use the getelectric field on a freq. domain profile monitor.
how can i get the effective field volume?



You can’t use the getelectric script command to get the E intensity from EME profile monitors the following example code shows how to get the E and H field intensity data EME profile monitor.

# get dataset containing E, H, x, y, z, lambda/f from monitor named "monitor"
field_dataset = getresult("monitor","field profile");

# get E and H intensity data from dataset
E2 = field_dataset.E2; # E intensity matrix with 4 dimensions where
                    # first 3 dimensions correspond to the x, y, z positions
                    # the fourth dimension corresponds to the frequency
H2 = field_dataset.H2; # H intensity matrix similar to E intensity

# get position data from dataset
x = field_dataset.x;
y = field_dataset.y;
z = field_dataset.z;

Once you have the field intensity and position data you can use it to calculate the modal volume based on the desired definition. There are 3 different definitions listed on this page:

You may need to use the “integrate” script command to integrate the data in order to calculate the modal volume:

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