Dynamic electrical simulation of charge carrier distribution



Im not sure that whether lumerical Device can simulate the dynamic carrier distribution around PN junction. Still based on this file, I created a doping for each side of junction, and also input a bias varying upon time, but in the simulation result “Charge”, the p and n terms are just a constant which are literally the initial doping level I had at beginning no matter how I change the electric condition. since by applying different bias, there will be a change in the carrier concentration around PN junction due to the changing electric field. Is this more approachable in MODE Solution than DEVICE?

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It sounds to me that what you are looking for is a time dependent simulation which can be done with the CHARGE solver. You will need to switch the solver mode to “transient” in the properties of the solver region. You will also need to apply a time varying voltage input at the contacts. Running the simulation will then show you how the charge carriers move in the pn junction as the voltage is varied.

  1. switch to transient solver:

  2. apply time varying voltage:

  3. time evolution of charge at pn junction (plotting “n” in log scale) from charge monitor


Awesome! can you explain a little bit about the terms called “junction width” and “reference concentration” in doping setting? Im confused by these two items and not sure what they are going to represent.


You can find information about the diffusion doping objects in this KX post:
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