Drag & Drop ICE files

In previous versions of INTERCONNECT, I could drag a file from the Finder (in OSX) onto INTERCONNECT, to open the component ICE file. Now, nothing happens. If we are working on CML development, there is no way to open an ICE file.

File - Open: doesn’t allow to open an ICE file.

File - Import: there is no option to add an ICE file.

Could you please fix / add another method of opening ICE files?


Thank you


You can still open an ICE file by right-clicking on it and select “Open With” INTERCONNECT.

Hi @lukasc,

This issue has been reported to the developers’ team and I believe it should be addressed soon. As @xwang mentioned, the right click and open still works (same as I tested).

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I will keep you in the loop on the fixing process.

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