Down sample problem


Hi there, when I use down sample from 10 to 20 to improve the visualizer of Poynting vector. However half of the graph disappear. Could you please help to figure out why this happen and what I should do to use down sample. Thanks!


Dear @peipei.jia

Unfortunately this is a visualizer bug and is reported by a few users before like here. You can find a workaround for this problem in this link, in which I provided a script that uses interp command. This command takes data from an old axis to a new axis. By properly setting the size of new axis (which is controlled by res-x for example), you can downsample the data.

Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope that script solves the problem.


Dear Behzad,

Thanks for your advice. I tried your script, but it does not work well for my case.
Please find the attached image. For Figure 1 and Figure 2, I set res_x=60 and 20 in your script.
The same problem is still there when increase the down sample. And it didn’t increase the vector resolution.
For Figure 3 I set the same value as that in the simulation. However, the result is quite different from that direct open from simulation.

I uploaded my simulation file here:
Could you please help to make an example for monitor ‘6936nm_xz_plane_1_1_1_1_1’?
I’d like to see vectors of its E, H, and P for one of my publication. Many thanks ahead!



Dear @peipei.jia

You are right. It looks like vector plot is failing to give the correct results. This bug is ranked as one of the highest priority ones and hopefully will be resolved in the next release.

Sorry for any inconvenience and I appreciate your patience.



Dear Behzad,

Could you please kindly advise when you will release a update on this issue?
Because this properties is critical for my data and next publication. Thanks!


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Dear @peipei.jia

Once the problem is resolved, I will keep it updated under this post (and similar topics) so that every one can start using it.
I am very sorry for inconvenience again. Unfortunately, I can’t give exact deadline as another team is responsible for bug fixes. I will have my pressure to make sure it gets fixed ASAP.

In the mean time, I was thinking if you could export data into .mat file? MATLAB has a similar command for vector plots, called quiver, that should just do the job. Please take a look at it and let me know if you had any problem.

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Dear @peipei.jia

Thank you for your patience.

This bug is fixed in the latest Beta release and is available for download. There might be some other visualizer bugs (in the beta version) which we are still working to fix them. A more stable version will be ready in the upcoming weeks.

We had a great push on fixing many reported bugs, thanks to our R&D and developers.



Thanks for your update.
Looking forward to the new version.


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