Doping in FDTD solution for OLED simulation


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in FDTD Solution program, it allows to simulation 1 material in 1 layer.
But in OLED simulation, in emitting layer (EML), it is need 2 materials: host and dopant with different concentration (like image), for example CC2TA is dopant an DPEPO is host
so how can I can simulation 2 material in a layer? and how can I change the con concentration of dopant material in FDTD Solution.
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Forgive me for asking for a clarification: do you want two materials in the same layer?

If that is the case, and if the dopant material has a specific structure that you can define and spread around the host material, you can change the priority order of each material so that the dopant has a higher mesh priority order than the host. Here is a tutorial of mesh order:

To find/change mesh order, right click the structure, navigate to the material tab, and check ‘override mesh order from material database’. Then place the mesh order. I suggest you go through the video tutorial in the link above.


I also found the answer.

THank you for attention