Does the "simulation temperature" setting in MODE do anything?

I tried to change the “simulation temperature” in the general tab of FDE or varFDTD (default value is 300K). I was expecting Neff of a silicon WG to change due to silicon’s thermo-opto effect. However, the simulation results do not appear to change al all with different temperature values. Is this how it should be?


Dear @chuan.xie

The value for simulation temperature will be important if you use a perturbed index material. To add such a material, click on Add and then select index perturbation in Material Database:

In the simulation file attached, I have two silicon rectangles. These two rectangles have different materials, and index for rectangle 1 is a function of temperature. By setting different values for simulation temperature you can study how the index varies:

As you can see in the figure above, only rectangle 1 (the top rectangle) is affected by simulation temperature.

I hope this answered your question.

index_perturbed_test.lms (279.2 KB)


Dear Behzad,
This is a perfect answer to my question. Thank you so much.


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