Diverging simulation



I have a diverging 2D simulation. When I change the boundary condition to ‘metal’, the simulation converged. however, it diverges even if I reduce the dt factor to 0.01. Could someone help me figure out the reasons?2d_hBN_hollow.fsp (494.2 KB)


Hi can anyone help me?


Hi Cent,
I modified your simulation file.
2d_hBN_hollow_mod.fsp (365.1 KB)


Hi @m.dezyani,

Thanks for your input! Can you eventually detail the changes you made? It could be useful to other users!


I used stabilized pml with 256 layers.
I extended the materials to the pml layer.
I decreased the mesh size near pml boundary along x- direction for converging simulation.


Hi Dezyani,

Thanks for your help. I think I mixed up about dt type and pml type divergence problem.
In the last point, there is a typo. The mesh size is increased near PML to avoid divergence.