Discussion about the ring resonator result


dear all
Recently I have built a ring resonator with three rings of 4um radius.Now I have got the results of the drop
It is shown below.

I can be seen that there are four peaks in the curve.But the four peaks are different from each other.Do you think is right?Why the four peaks are different?
Hope to get your feedback.Thanks a lot.
ring_resonator_three.fsp (766.1 KB)


Hi @jbwei
I think that the first harmonic of the function is the most powerful. After some resonances the power attenuates.


dear konslekk
Thanks for your reply.Except the difference of peak intensity,the waveform is also different from each.
At the first and second peak,there is just a peak .But at the forth peak,there are two small peaks.How to explain this question?Thanks a lot.


Hi @jbwei
This happens due to periodicity. Each ring is tuning when the phase difference is an multiple integer of 2π, e.g 2π, 4π, 6π,… . The first ring may be tuning in a certain frequency but the other ring has a difference resonance. Don’t expect all the rings to have the exactly the same resonate. This happens in THz frequencies.


dear konslekk
Thanks for your reply. your guidance is important for me.