dipolepower() and sourcepower() functions in FDTD

I am trying to calculate the spontaneous emission (SE) from a dipole placed close to a structure. From the Lumerical website’s tutorials, it says that the SE enhancement is simply calculated by:

SE enhancement = dipolepower()/sourcepower();

However, the answer I am getting is quite different from what I get based on my own Green’s function calculations using the exported electric field and dipole power data from the FDTD simulation.

Do you know how dipolepower() and sourcepower() are formulated in FDTD?

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Hi. You may have already seen these but in case you missed them here are the links to the KB pages that discuss about these two commands. Both the pages offer some discussion on how the power is calculated in these script commands as well as some important notes about using them. Let us know if the information on these pages do not provide the answer you are looking for.



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