Dipole nanoantenna extinction efficiency



Hi all, I am new user for FDTD solutions. I need to check the E-field distribution and extinction efficiency of dipole nanoantenna with mirror layer. I learnt to use FDTD through lumerical website and simulated my structure.I would like to know whether my simulation is correct or not. I herewith attached the file for your kind reference. I request for your kind suggestions and comments.
Thank you.

dipole antenna.fsp (297.2 KB)

script.lsf (512 Bytes)

Plasmonic nanoantennae

@Pavithra: These are a couple of suggestions for your simulation (I made some changes in the attached file: dipole antenna_modified.fsp (297.6 KB)):

  1. The substrate, mirror and spacer should extend through the PML boundaries. Otherwise, you will get effects from the finite size of these structures.
  2. Mesh override: I think that you were using an extremely fine mesh step dz=0.001 nm. Is there a special reason for doing so? Otherwise, I would think that you can simply use the same mesh step dx=dy=dz.
  3. Mesh: In general it is a good idea to start your simulations with a coarse grid and refine it as necessary. For auto non-uniform settings the accuracy level 2 is usually good enough for initial simulations. I think you can also increase the mesh step in the mesh override region.
  4. You can use symmetric and antisymmetric boundary conditions to reduce the simulation time, see this link for more details.
  5. The simulation time in the FDTD settings should be longer for this simulation so that there is enough time for energy to leave the computational window.


@fgomez : Thank you so much for your suggestion.