Dielectric permittivities and conductivity


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May i know what is the characterization of the dielectric permittivities of Ag, Au,Al and Cu (CRC) and also graphene conductivity ? I use wavelength of 670nm and 785nm plane wave souce.

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Hi @fairus.atida
I assume that you are looking for dielectric permittivity of Ag, Au, Al, and Cu (CRC). You can extract this value for wavelength of interest from our Material Database as is shown below:

You need to select the material and fit the experimental data. You can optimise the fit using fit tolerance and max coefficient until you get a good fit in the range of interest.
For graphene, we have graphene section in our knowledge base that discusses its optical properties and conductivity with some references to scientific journals. This should provide you more details on the material properties of graphene as well as some examples on how to use it properly in your simulations.
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May i know what is the Fresnel equation used in the ‘stackrt’ script? Thank you.


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Please read this post.

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Dear Mr @bkhanaliloo,

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