DEVICE's CHARGE solver error: "No contacts were found in the simulation region"



Dear Anyone Who Can Help,

Attempting to simulate a p-i-n diode in the newest Device (Version 7.3.1882, Release 2019a r4) I’ve incurred a new problem. The CHARGE solver exits with the complaint that “no contacts were found in the simulation region” when I had meant for there to be.

Attached is a screenshot.

I have double-checked my meshing order and the contact metal as well as the semiconductor device regions are at level 2. There is a block around the device of SiO2 at mesh level 3 whose purpose was to later study surface SRH recombination. Have I implemented the contacts’ boundary conditions incorrectly? The functions are new from the last time I was able to get this working, because the ‘addbc’ command has been replaced with ‘addvoltagebc’ so that my new .lsf file includes this:

set(‘bc mode’,‘steady state’);
set(‘sweep type’,‘single’);
set(‘voltage’,0.0); # grounding the cathode
set(‘surface type’,‘solid’);

and a similar block for the anode. Two hypotheses I have include:

  1. There is a need to tell the solver to “force ohmic” on some surface boundary condition. This was present in the previous implementation but not this one.
  2. The addvoltagebc command needs to be issued separately while the groupscope() is in CHARGE and HEAT or else only one of the two models will find the boundary conditions to be defined.

Please feel free to respond if anyone has any helpful hints. Thanks.

Best regards,

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