Device Transient Simulation

I set the transient simulation in Device and got charge distribution profiles. They are imported to my mode solution structure. In the time sweeping, it always raises the error with my time parameters with a script of “t_index” or"t" is an invalid parameter, which doesn’t make any sense. I set the time index in my pn charge contribution profile, run the simulation in mode solution and get the resulted refractive index and loss as normal. But when I sweep the time, even when I just set one time point in sweep which is same as what I set in the pn contribution for normal simulation, I got this error pop up. MZI_400W.lms (5.8 MB)
Rib_Charge.mat (1.2 MB)

Alright, it has been solved.

Dear @yr1

For future references, can you please explain how you could solve the problem?