Device Material database

In DEVICE’s Material Database, we have InGaP(Indium Gallium Phosphide) which is an Alloy. Now, in the electronic properties of InGaP, most of the parameters are set to null(zero) e.g. permittivity, effective mass are all zero. I mean, why a typical model of Alloy Materials is not included with the kit? . Obviously we need to provide these parameters to simulate a device…The Question is where can i find reliable parameters for InGaP without performing an actual physical experiment. By the way iam simulating a Thin Film solar cell.

Hi. Most of the parameters for the binary alloys in the material database are kept zero intentionally. It means that the solver will calculate those values from the constituting semiconductors’ parameters. The only reason you would put any values in those fields is if you want to override the values automatically calculated by the solver.