DEVICE layout_ide Unknown user


I am having a similar error as ahmedes. I uninstalled and reinstalled DEVICE, but i still have the same issue. The program never worked before.

When I start DEVICE, a window pops up with the following message:
Error: Unknown user
Would you like to reconfigure your license settings?

My license is activated, and in the details section of the license, I have this:
INCREMENT layout_ide LUMERICL 1.0 1-may-2017 1 ISSUER=“Lumerical Solutions” ISSUED=7-jan-2017 SN=ID=something;SU=1; START=1-jan-2017 ONE_TS_OK SIGN="a bunch of things"

I do not get this problem with FDTD solutions or MODE solutions. Both of these work properly.

Hi @markmath,

What type of license are you using for FDTD, MODE and DEVICE? Do you have only 1 activation code for all the Products? Are you using the latest versions for all the products, eg: x.y.1072?

You can also verify if the DEVICE license is listed on the license details as discussed below:

Hi @lyap,

I am using a node-locked license for them. Yes, I only have 1 activation code for all of the products. Yes, I downloaded the latest versions. For FDTD, I have 8.17.1072 and for MODE I have 7.9.1072. I don’t know how to access the version of DEVICE I have.

These are the different things the license activates:

Should there be one which says device_engine?

Hi @markmath,
You should be able to access DEVICE with the current license features listed, and you should only activate this license once and its good for all 3 products; FDTD, MODE and DEVICE.

Please send us an email to with the screen shot of the error and your license information and activation code.

Thank you,