Default material parameters and modifying fit parameters in script


I would like to access and modify the fit parameters within a Lumerical script file; if that is possible how can I accomplish this? By the way is it possible to extract the experimental data without making a fit just like the Material explorer does when the Fit and plot button is clicked.

Furthermore, I wonder the dates of the references for gold on the page default optical material database and it is written that the CRC data for gold is unpublished. My aim is to use the most recent data and this reference together with the Palik reference data for gold lack the year information. I would appreciate it if you can provide these dates.

Dear @oarisev14

You can use setmaterial command to do this. Please refer to this page.

setmaterial(matName,"max coefficients",2); # set the number of coefficients

Yes!, you can use getindex command as is explained here:

I performed some search but unfortunately could not find the unpublished results. It has been referred to it in books such as “Handbook of Optical Materials By Marvin J. Weber” if you have access to it.

I hope I could answer your questions.

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