Data of contour plot

Hi all,
I am using Lumerical Mode, I designed waveguide generated modes of the structure. I have the countour plot of modal fields TE01… and I can export the particular mode filed data also.
My query is the data in txt format contains Ex,Ey,Ez,x,y,z… but I want to take that data from txt or .mat and I want again plot the data in matlab but i am not getting that process.
another one is can we plot the phase of the modelfields using mode software. (like below

The phase option in Mode plot options is showing some thing, strange for my modal filed plots.

thank you in advance .

Take look at this KB page: It explains how 2D data can be transferred from Lumerical’s solvers to Matlab for visulaization.

Dear Alam,
thank you for your support.

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