Data format for 2D temperature monitor

For a 2D simulation, I can only see a 1-D temperature data in the matlab file, which has the same length with x, y, or z. The monitor itself, however, can plot a 2D map. So what does the 1D data mean for a 2D simulation and how to extract 2D temperature profile for a 2D simulation?
The device is a uniformly heated waveguide.

Matlab Screenshot

The data in the temperature monitor is indeed 2D and not 1D. The reason the dimension of the data looks like this is because it is not a rectilinear data but an unstructured data saved on a finite-element grid. To learn more about the data format in an unstructured dataset take a look at this KB page: Dataset builder (under the “Unstructured dataset and finite-element data” section).

I’m interested in this topic too. I understand that the data saved in the temperature monitor is 3D (in my case) but it is saved under “unstructured form”. Is there any way to save it under a “structured” form? Or is there a post treatment that does this? Because for instance I’m interested in seeing the temperature on matlab. so I saved the temperature from the monitor with .mat format then matlab doesn’t read well this unstructured form.
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I’m guessing below KB webpage and KX post would be a helpful guidance for you to handle the unstructured dataset in MATLAB.

First, thanks for your reply. The documents you provided are great but they don’t really solve my problem. I don’t need to visualize the unstructured data in lumerical but rather I need to matlabsave the unstructured data under a structured form. I don’t know if I made myself clear enough!

Hi, I believe this other KX post talks about exactly what you are trying to do: How to save 3D data in the temperature monitor and do 3D plotting?

Note that there is a correction to the initial MATLAB plot command in a post later in the thread so make sure to scroll down the thread and read the subsequent posts.

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How can I transform the unstructured FEM grid data to the rectilinear data steyle?

Hi @zc19900505, take a look at this other KX post:

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