data extract in the interconnect

dear all
Recently I have run a simulation about the grating coupler in the interconnect and get the relationship between the S21 parameter and wavelength,which as show below.Now I want to extract the data from interconnect and draw the picture in excel.But I can just export the data of S21 parameter.How to export the data of the wavelength as show below.Thanks.

Hi @jbwei,

Seems like this figure is plotted from an Optical Network Analyzer. There are a few ways that you can get the wavelength data write to a file. You could use the “Export to…” option on the side tool bar to save the data to a text file, and if you select the “plot kind” to be “wavelength”, the saved data will be gain versus wavelength.

Another way is to use the script command to get the wavelength data and then write it to a file. The following command is an example:

gain = getresult("ONA_1", "input 1/mode 1/gain");
lambda = gain.wavelength;
write("wavelength.txt", num2str(lambda));

I hope this could help :slight_smile:


dear gwang
Thanks for your feedback.I have a try and it work right.Thanks so much.:slight_smile: