Current Monitor not Recording in Transient

Hi have a simulation file with some current monitors; however when running a transient simulation, no data is recorded in them. I have checked DC and ssAC simulations and they work there, so I’m not sure what is causing this problem. I’m am using a setup script in the model object for the simulation.

Are you talking about the surface J flux monitor? It should work with the transient solver. If your monitor has no data then one thing to check would be the dimension and orientation of the monitor. Firstly, a 3D monitor will not work with a 2D solver. Secondly, the monitor records the net amount of current flowing through it. If this value is zero then the reported value will just show zero and no useful values.

To check that the surface J flux monitor works in a transient simulation, download the transient simulation file of the VPD example ( Place a surface J flux monitor and set the properties as follows and run the simulation.