Creating new materials in DEVICE


Please, How can i add a materials like ( graphene (Falkovsky) and ITO ) to device ?



Hi Yara,

You can add a new material in DEVICE from the materials database. There is a “New Material” button that can be used for this.

The different types of material parameters can be found in this KB page: DEVICE material models. Please note that insulator and conductor type materials have a very simple model (single parameter) but semiconductors use a complex model requiring a lot of different parameters. You should check out this KB page to learn the details about how to create a new semiconductor model: Creating new semiconductor.

Finally, I should mention that DEVICE is not designed to simulate 2D materials like graphene. The semiconductor model is DEVICE uses 3D density of states (DOS) whereas 2D materials like graphene require a 2D DOS for proper modeling. In some specific cases you can use a fitted 3D DOS to approximate the 2D DOS of graphene to get some results (see: Graphene-based electro-optic modulator). However in most cases you will not be able to simulate a graphene-based component in DEVICE.

Thank you for your reply.