Creating custom structure for FDTD simulation

Hi there, I am trying to create a custom cylindrical structure. I have made a crude drawing and attached it here. I am not sure how can I create this 3D structure using the mesh order trick. Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.


Hi @farsad

You can make this structure using circle and truncated cone objects:

Please take a look at the links, and keep me updated if you had further questions.


Thank you for your reply. In our group we have the license for FDTD solver. The truncate cone example is for Device solver. Still I will check if I can repeat the steps suggested by aalam in FDTD solver.

Dear @farsad, the KX example that talks about the truncated cone creates a planar solid which is supported by FDTD (and MODE) as well. However, if you are using FDTD then you can simply use the cone that is available in the objects library (no need to write a script to create a planar solid).


Really appreciate your suggestion. I was able to create the structure. Currently I am running the simulation with this structure. Will get back to you people, if I have any further query.


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