Creating a triangle in the XZ plane


I am a new user of this software and I am trying to make a 3D triangular structure with the triangle in the XZ plane. I used the standard addtriangle function to create an equilateral triangle in the XY plane and then I used 90 degree rotation with x-axis first axis. But the dimensions of the triangle are not retained (isn’t equilateral anymore).

Is there a way to write the script such that the triangle is created in the XZ plane?

Here is the script i have for add triangle and 90 degree rotation:
#triangular structure

*vtx = [0,0;2,3.46;-2,3.46]1e-6; # microns




set(“z span”,30e-6);



set(“first axis”,“x”);

set(“rotation 1”,90);

Thank you in advance.

Hi @smajety,

Welcome to the community!

Running the script you provided does make the intended rotation (with the triangle base on the XZ plane while retaining dimensions); note that the XZ view doesn’t demonstrate a 1:1 ratio. You can verify the dimensions of your structure using the ruler (shown below).


You also have the option to apply the rotation through property editor of the structure (check this article).

Kind regards