Creating a ring doping profile for a nanowire

In Nanowires solar cell, we have two different doping one of them as axial doping and other is radial doping. Could you help me to get doping as ring to dope the nanowire solar cell as radial doping?
To explain more, I have outer nanowire as doping n and inner nanowire as doping p.

Hi. Before trying to create a ring doping profile, may be you can use a constant doping object and a radial doping profile together to create what you want. Below I have used cartoon to show this. Is this what you are looking for?

In this case I have assumed that dopant concentration for p region is much larger than n region.


I appreciate what you sent but in my structure I’m changing in the diameter of ring doping to get the best efficiency. Can you help me?

There could be more that one way to do this. You can either use a script to run the sweep where at each iteration you manually create the doping profile for a particular ring radius and run the simulation or you can create the doping profiles beforehand and save them with different names. The again in the sweep, you just load the different files at different iteration. Let me know if this sounds reasonable.

Could you give me the script to create ring doping profile?

Hi. Looking back at this post, an easy way to create the ring doping would be to simply set the entire N matrix to the value of ND and then update the doping on the points inside the inner circle to -NA. This is also shown in this post: How to add a constant radial doping profile in DEVICE

Thank you for helping. I’m trying to get script for ring doping profile in order to change the inner radius and outer radius to get the best efficency in my structure. I wrote the following script but I had error. Could you help me to find my mistake?

The script is:
Ring_Doping.lsf (820 Bytes)

Hi. You are just missing two end brackets on line 23 and 24:

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Dear Sir,

I attached my ring doping for my structure. When I ran it, it didn’t get the proper results.
Could you help me to get the proper results?
Thanks in Advance
Ring_Doping.lsf (855 Bytes)

Looking at your script, I believe that the algorithm itself is fine. However I am not sure what your intended result is (given the values you have used in the input parameters). Can you share a schematic of what the final doping profile should look like?

Thank you for helping. I solved my issue. However, when I import it in Device, I wanna to change the value of doping but I can’t. Can you help me to change the values of doping that imported in Device to complete building my structure.
Thanks in Advance

Hi. There is an issue with the scaling factor of the import doping object that currently prevents users to scale the imported doping profile easily. This issue should be fixed in the next release. In the meantime, the workaround would be to simply scale your doping data (N) in the script and then load it into the import doping object. Please let me know if you need any more information regarding this.

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