Creating a hemisphere and rotating it from Rotations tab

I want to create a hemisphere structure in lumerical fdtd. for this purpose i used the custom structure. so i got this view, which i attached with this topic. but i want its xz view to be its xy view. i don’t know how to change that. any help will be really appreciated. thank you.

Hi @mrinmoy
After you have created your structure. Please follow the instructions:
1)Select your object and click right
2)Edit object–> Click tab “Rotations”–> First axis: x --> rotation 1 (degrees) : 90

Dear @mrinmoy

You can add hemisphere from Object Library. As @konslekk mentioned, this object has a 90 degree rotation around y-axis which can be viewed from Edit–>Rotations tab by right clicking on the object.

If you set the rotation to be along -90 degree around z-axis, you can have a hemisphere as below:

And here is an screenshot of the Rotations tab:

I hope this was helpful.


thank you very much. this helps a lot :slight_smile:

dear @bkhanaliloo
this helps a lot, thank you very much :slight_smile: