Creating a cylinder structure with random variations (ie. roughness) on all sides

The attached simulation file shows a method for creating a cylinder with surface roughness on both the sides and ends. The object is composed of the ‘rough_wire’ and ‘rough_surf’ objects that can be found in the default Object Library. The rough_surf object was modified to truncate the edges of the structure to make it round, rather than rectangular.

The objects are combined together in another structure group. This structure group can be parameterized to automatically modify the child objects. Please note that the structure in this example file is not fully parameterized; the ‘example’ structure only has the properties Radius and Correlation Length. Depending on your needs, the script can be extended to control more parameters of the structure, such as the length of the cylinder.

rough wire with rough top.fsp (2.1 MB)

Due to the relatively simple way this object is constructed, the following limitations of this example are important to consider:

  • discontinuities may occur along the edge of the structure
  • some of the deep valley features of the flat surface structure may be ‘filled in’ by the cylinder structure. This issue is visible in the above screenshot.
  • this example file only has surface roughness on one end of the cylinder.