Creating 3D polar plot




I try to simulate the attached structure using Mie scattering, to see the scattering intensity distribution.
I followed this paper (Unidirectional Side Scattering of Light by a Single-Element
Nanoantenna), and I exactly want to obtain the image, which is provided in Fig. 2a.

I run my simulation (using the attached script) and as a result I extracted 2D scattering intensity distribution. To get an 3D image, I try to use paraview program, but FDTD said the extracted data by scat_ff monitor is not suitable for paraview.

To this end, I need your help to get full 3D polar plot of scat_ff monitor (especially, XY and XZ).

mie_analysis_3d.lsf (6.6 KB)
mie gold scat sent lumerical.fsp (393.0 KB)



Hi @bgeri002

You can export the monitor results in different formats:

For the Paraview, I did not seem to find your script for exporting in the .vtk format. You can use a simple script like:


Please note that your monitors are multi-frequency. We recommend to export single frequency results:


Hi bkhanaliloo,

Thanks for your help.

I already run a similar code (apart from the script that I sent you) to extract what I need to plot full 3D polar plot of ‘scat_ff XZ (particularly ‘E’)’.

I guess the code that you provided is for E field, which is not my focus at that time. So, please go over my file again. After run the script for a single freq. or a freq. band, when you click on scat_ff, you will see ‘XY, XZ, YZ’ in the result view section. My aim is to see the 3D polar image of the simulation result. For instance, visualize ‘XZ’ -> select ‘line’ -> select ‘polar plot’. I need to see the 3D image of what Lumerical shows after following these steps (either using paraview or matlab). So, please help me on that by providing the required code.



Hi @bgeri002

Thanks for the elaboration on your inquiry.

We do not provide 3D polar plots directly in FDTD. You can obtain the farfield results in a 2D plane (either [ux,uy] or [\(\theta , \phi\)]). Then you can import these results into Paraview to create plots like the one in the reference. You need to figure out how to create a hemisphere in Paraview, and then add the 2D farfield results as an image.

The scat_ff analysis group returns the farfield results as a function of only \(\phi \), and thus the polar plot is linear. If you want to obtain a 2D image, you can obtain the farfield results from script commands or by visualising the farfield results directly from GUI:

I hope this was clear.