Create bent waveguide with custom cross section



I would like to create a bent waveguide with a custom cross section. I understand that I can control the bend path by inserting the coordinates of the Poles, but how can I change the cross section of the waveguide itself? Would appreciate some pointers.



Hi @sxd,

You are correct, the waveguide bends object has a cross section defined by its width and the side wall angle. You cannot modify the shape further.

I would suggest to use the planarsolid object to create such waveguide. There is an example of how to create such object here. Hopefully, it will help you to create your own object.


@gbaethge: Thank you very much. Very helpful information. From what I could gather, it would not be straighforward to create a bent waveguide with a circular cross-section (such as a fiber, not rounded corners of a polygon facet) because we would need to define very large number of vertices. Is my understanding correct or am I missing something here?



That is right, you would need a large number of vertices to accurately resolve both the cross section and the bend.

If you are simply interested in modelling a bent waveguide (with a circular bending), you could just MODE Solutions FDE solver.