Create an array of shape


Can you please help me to be able to repeat this an array of nanoleaf shape, with a different orientation.
grop-2.fsp (415.8 KB)



Hi @khalmayalee

You can rotate each object using the “Rotations” tab from “rough waveguide structure group”. Please let me know if this solves the problem otherwise elaborate how your final structure should be? A schematic of final design will be quite helpful.


Thank you for your response, actually i need to make all these elements as a one structure and rotate or move them (final structure) together in the same time. i want to repeat this structure with orientations in layers to form final architecture of 3D rough nanoleaf structures. i don’t need to rotate each one i need to rotate all as a one structure. If you guide me that will be great help. Also which kind of boundary is work with this structures for plan wave source.




Hi @khalmayalee

Any easy and quick solution would be to add all the objects inside a new structure group (select all the objects ->right click->add to new group) and then rotate or re-position the new structure group:

A more sophisticated solution would be move the scripts inside one structure group and set all the parameters and elements from there.

Hope this solves your inquiry.


Thank you it helped a lot.