Coupled Mode Theory (CMT) - Code [App]

I made a “App” attemp for a CMT calculations (I really wish Lumerical had some app capabilities, as Mathematica and Comsol).

For more info into CMT see EM Lab.

To “install” the script, download it (CMT.lsf, changeFields.lsf, getFields.lsf, setxyz0.lsf, setxyzspan0.lsf) and add it to your MODE script folder (type ?getpath; to find it). I’ll try later to make into a single script.

To run the wizard type: CMT when using MODE.

Some screenshots:


Thank you for sharing your app/custom GUI. I tried to run it on my computer and it seems to be working nicely!
For anyone interested in creating custom user defined GUI, here are some useful commands:

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Here is a single file version: CMT.lsf (10.3 KB)

Couldn’t find a way to backup previous model.
I tried:

setnamed('temp', 'enabled', 0);

Which add everything to a temporary group.
But Lumerical has no “leavegroup” option that I know of.