Could not locate matching boundary - Lumerical Device




I have been trying few thing with the updated new version of device. I am trying to build a 2-D device model of a nanocone core-shell structure. The meshing seems accurate but it is showing an error “could not locate matching boundary” which is new to me. Can you please suggest what might be going wrong with this structure. I have attached the device model that I am working with.


Device_01.ldev (8.5 MB)



The problem seems to be related to the planar solid objects that you have defined in your simulation. Since these objects have their vertices manually defined, once you have two of them overlapping with each other, defining the mesh grid can get challenging. You can test that if you only include one planar solid, there is no error but once there is two overlapping, you get the error. Since you want to run a 2D simulation, see if you can create the same structure in 2D using any object other than planar solid (2D polygon for example). This might help creating a mesh for the structure.


Sorry for late reply. I was on a holiday. I will try it.