Copying structures from FDTD to DEVICE


Is there a way to copy structures from FDTD to DEVICE while retaining the coordinate positions?

When I copy and paste structures from FDTD to DEVICE there seems to be some changes to their positions

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When you copy from FDTD to DEVICE, the coordinates should be exactly the same. In this particular example that you have shared, you are using the rounded cylinder from FDTD. The structure groups have an entry where you can define the material type. When you copy the structure to DEVICE, the material name goes away (since the material databases are different). As a result, the script that generates the rounded cylinder gives an error (you can see the red box in the CAD denoting an error has occurred). To fix this, simply choose a material in the structure groups. Apart from that the coordinates should be the same (check the x,y,z values of the structure groups).