Converting the Lumerical MODE Geometry to .gds File

I have designed an optical device using the variational FDTD in Lumerical MODE or in Lumerical FDTD. (For example, a ring resonator or MMI). Now, I have the geometry, have the device simulated in Lumerical, and I have a .lms or .fsp file for it. I would like to fabricate this device, so I need to create a layout (.gds) file in Cadence.

I don’t want to redraw the structure in Cadence (it could be difficult for some of the structures I have scripted in Lumerical). Is there a way (software, Lumerical file, python code, etc.) by which I can directly convert a geometry in Lumerical to a Cadence layout (.gds file)? For now, my Lumerical designs are just single-layer passive devices.

Hey @am35,

Check out this KX post. Since you only have the one layer it shouldn’t take long at all to get you GDSII file defined.

Let me know if you have any other questions.