Connectivity Error in Klayout after Exporting Structure Using Script


I watched the tutorial video in this link and followed the steps provided in the tutorial using the script in the link, to export the GDSII file of my structure. After that, I used KLayout to finish the design of the layout to be fabricated and add the input and output terminal of my structure.

I am using the SiEPIC EBeam PDK to add other devices to my structure:

When I try to connect any item from the SiEPIC EBeam library to the exported structure and verify the connection, it gets me this error message:

I tried also to use a path to connect the two parts then change it to a waveguide, but I got the same error message:

I do not know the reason for this error, what do you think is the problem and how can we solve it?

Hi @g15081147,

It may just be the connection. Please try to re-connect the pins with a longer overlap between them and see whether this can solve the problem.
Let me know if the problem cannot be solved by this.