Compact Model Libraries (CMLs) & Process Design Kits (PDKs)




Recently, photonic design methodologies incorporating mature electronic design automation (EDA) software with optical design and simulation tools have emerged to support reliable PIC design. Critical to any of these design methodologies is a Process Design Kit (PDK). The PDK provides all of the required fundamental information to produce a design based on a specific foundry process, from component geometries and cells for layout, to design rules, process variability data and simulation models. Essential to the growth of reliable fabless design methodologies for PICs is the inclusion of a calibrated photonic compact model library (CML) in the photonic PDK. The photonic CML enables a separation of component design from circuit design where PIC designers can scale complexity and optimize circuit performance and yield, confident that the underlying component geometry, material composition and component design physics is represented by the CML, thereby ensuring reliable fabrication and predictable operation of the PIC.

Building CML

Lumerical’s suite of design tools provide an infrastructure that supports the development and distribution of CMLs for PIC simulation and design. Typically, a CML is built upon a combination of accurate component-level simulation results and experimentally measured data.

Here we will provide a reference library [LCML] (Lumerical Compact Model Library (LCML)) for those wishing to understand how the compact models work. Advanced users may also use this as a baseline to develop their own CMLs and PDKs.

Distributing CML

Package/Publish CML
Install CML

Using CML

[Circuit design examples using CML] (Circuit design example using CMLs)

##Getting Started

Relevant videos (login required):
[The EPDA Ecosystem] (
[Compact Model Library Creation] (

Download relevant products:
[Download Center] ( FDTD Solutions, MODE Solutions, DEVICE, INTERCONNECT, and LCML

Getting started example:
[LCML - Strip waveguide based on primitive MODE Waveguide model] (LCML - Strip waveguide based on primitive MODE Waveguide model | lcml_wg_strip_1550_mode)

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