Circuit emulation


I am trying to emulate the circuit given in the above figure and i am coming across troubles calculating the current ie mentioned in the images. Can anyone help me in calculating the photocurrent?

Is there a photodetector that can calculate the current flowing through a waveguide which takes solid state absorption into account?

Hello @lekha.rane,

Thank you for the question. If I understand the figures you attached correctly, it looks like the current i_e depends on the resistance of the waveguide. which is determined by the number of free carriers generated through nonlinear absorption mediated by the trap states. I don’t think this will be simple to simulate, and there is not an element in Interconnect that does this.

To simulate this, you would need to first determine the relationship between the optical power and the resistance of the waveguide. I would recommend that you see if the paper provides some details on the authors did this.