Chirp Analysis



Chirp analysis for measured modulators is absolutely essential. Is there any way out to calculate the chirp analysis for a designed modulator in Interconnect?


Hi @subhradeep.pee13,

The Eye Diagram element can be used to measure the chirp. Please have a look at the following page fo rate details and let me know if you have further problems:


Hi gwang,
I still wonder how to do chirp analysis from eye diagram element. If I have the time domain oscilloscope data how calculate chirp from that?


Hi @subhradeep.pee13,

Sorry I was wrong. It could be easier to measure the chirp from the signal spectrum. Please upload your file here and we cn help to take a look.


Dear gwang,
I have attached an Interconnect File. Please suggest a way to estimate the chirp of the proposed modulator model.
Interconnect_Chirp_Analysis.icp (658.5 KB)


Hi gwang,
I am still waiting for the chirp analysis part from the spectrum in Interconnect. Kindly advise.