Chirp Analysis



Chirp analysis for measured modulators is absolutely essential. Is there any way out to calculate the chirp analysis for a designed modulator in Interconnect?


Hi @subhradeep.pee13,

The Eye Diagram element can be used to measure the chirp. Please have a look at the following page fo rate details and let me know if you have further problems:


Hi gwang,
I still wonder how to do chirp analysis from eye diagram element. If I have the time domain oscilloscope data how calculate chirp from that?


Hi @subhradeep.pee13,

Sorry I was wrong. It could be easier to measure the chirp from the signal spectrum. Please upload your file here and we cn help to take a look.


Dear gwang,
I have attached an Interconnect File. Please suggest a way to estimate the chirp of the proposed modulator model.
Interconnect_Chirp_Analysis.icp (658.5 KB)


Hi gwang,
I am still waiting for the chirp analysis part from the spectrum in Interconnect. Kindly advise.



Hi @subhradeep.pee13,

Sorry for the late reply. I took a look at the file and for this design, are you treating the NRZ signals as the chirp signals? (What would be the source of the chirps?)

If we are going to calculate the chirp from the received time domain signal or the spectrum, we will need to do some post processing and use the script to define the calculation. Please let me know the above and I can help you from there.