CHARGE simulation

To help us solve your issue as quickly as possible, please provide the following information:

1. What device are you trying to simulate? Include diagrams if available.
I am trying to simulate Schottky diode made of InP materialI have uploaded my CHARGE .ldev file

2. What results are you trying to obtain? Be as specific as possible.
I am trying to detect a THz wave and that’s why want to measure the responsivity. Can you please help me how to measure a responsivity

3. Description of the problem or issue.
I have to simulate a Schottky diode working for Thz application, as I have to dope the different layers so I am using charge simulation. Can you please tell me how to give a THz wave as a source to the diode, and see the responsitivity. I do understand that for THz application I have to use FDTD product but after simulating the file in charge how to upload it in FDTD, i have no idea. I am new with these products. Help will be appreciated.

4. Lumerical product and software version.

5. Please attach your simulation files, including any logs.