CHARGE里面的电极Force Ohmic 一个如何选,能仿真 schottky contact吗

CHARGE里面的电极Force Ohmic 有两个选项,True(缺省)和False,有什么区别?

当选择True时,载流子在金属和掺杂半导体之间很容易传导,电流与电压成线性关系An ohmic contact is a non-rectifying electrical junction: a junction between two conductors that has a linear current–voltage (I-V) curve as with Ohm’s law

如果是False,那就是说是非线性关系,要考虑能带的弯曲,是non-ohmic,有几种形式 Non-ohmic contacts come in a number of forms (p–n junction, Schottky barrier, rectifying heterojunction, breakdown junction,是不是 schottky contact应该由用户根据器件的掺杂等自行判断。