Charge and heat solver has different IV curve

I’m trying to simulate a silicon heater and especially look at the current with respect to increase in voltage. I have included both charge and heat solver in my simulation. When I simulate both the solvers separately, I get a different IV curve for both. For instance, I get a current of ~22mA at 2V for my charge solver, and for the same voltage, I get a current of ~0.4mA for my heat solver.

Can you please help me understand why there is a difference in IV curves for the same design specs.

Thank you!

Ring_Heater_1e20_heat_zeng.ldev (2.6 MB)

Dear @mudit.jain,

The discrepancy seems to be primarily due to the employed values/models being different for CT and HT material properties. For instance, below are the settings used for silicon:

I would expect the current to match much better once this is addressed.

Kind regards