Carrier lifetime correction for doping


I want to see the effect of changing doping concentration on the performance of my p-n junction solar cell. I have few question regarding the SRH carrier lifetime.

  1. The carrier lifetime is given as input. My question is : for what doping concentration this carrier lifetime is given input?

  2. If I want to correct the lifetime using Fossum’s correction model, then how it will use the carrier lifetime that I have given as input above? What is No in the fossum model formula? How the input carrier lifetime is related to this fossum model?

  3. Is fossum model applicable for other material system like GaAs/ GaN? if so then what should be the value of No?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @sakib, You can find details about the Fossum model used in DEVICE on this KB page: Material model - Semiconductors. Check under the “Bulk Recombination and Generation” section.

The Fossum model is a general model and my guess is that you should be able to use it for other materials by adjusting the parameter values appropriately. However you will have to look at published articles to get the parameter values since we do not have this information in our default material database.