carrier diffusion efficiency single layer InGaN with anode and cathode at either end


I am quite new to lumerical, but I like the program and its interface.
I was trying to simulate carrier transport through a thin layer of InGaN with at either end a anode and cathode.
At several points on the InGaN slab an electron/hole pair is created and I am using a 0V and sweep voltage from 0 to 2.65 in the contacts.
Unfortunately, this is the error I get:
LaptopLauritz(process 0): The program terminated due to an error: The Drift-diffusion solver encountered a numerical error (4) and was forced to terminate.
LaptopLauritz(process 0): Error: there was an unknown parallel error. The error code is 9006, the process number is 0

Does anybody have experience with this error?

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Hi @lgg500, Are you using the delta/point generation source to introduce the electron-hole pairs or are you using some other object to do that? Does your simulation converge if you disable the photo-generation? The error message you are getting unfortunately does not tell us anything specific other than that the solver is failing to converge.