Cannot use trial license, FlexNet error code -97



I am having a ‘FlexNet Error Code -97’ when I want to run the trial version. It has not been 30 days so I think I am having some other problem. Could you help me please?


Hi Catriona,

I figured it out how to solve this license issue in the KB site.

When you were installing Lumerical Product into Windows OS for first time, this “-97” Flexnet issue is due to the unchecking of “Standard Configuration” check box of FlexNet Licence Manager.
If you carefully follow up the procedure in the KX link as below, you can solve your problem.

A. Uninstall “Lumerical FlexNet Licence Manger(LFNLM)” from the Contorl Panel in the Windows.
B. Reinstall the LFLM, and please make certain that the “Standard Configuration” is checked in the Install Options popup.
C. Complete the setup procedure by clicking Next.
D. The product will run in your OS without the “-97” error.

I hope it will be helpful for you.



Hello @cscheffer,

@isawjsy’s suggestion is very effective in resolving most first-time installation setups resulting in the -97 error code. For persistent, or recurring issues with this error, we can also try restarting the license manager. Rebooting the workstation will effectively accomplish the same task, in resetting and restoring the required service(s). The following article provides instructions on how to restart the license manager for the various supported platforms:

If restoring the license manager services should resolve the issue for you, please consider updating the system’s sleep / hibernation settings to ensure essential hardware and services are not inadvertently disabled when waking the system up. Some information on this is noted within the following KX article:

If the issue can not be resolved with these suggestions, please feel free to forward the license manager log files to and we can assist in troubleshooting further. The license manager log files can be located in the following outlined directories: